Spinal Fusion Surgery Following Trauma

Personal injury victims suffer from a number of serious injuries. One of the most serious types of injuries is a spinal injury. When someone suffers trauma to their spine, a variety of treatment options may be explored. Spinal fusion surgery or arthrodesis is a special operation in which a surgeon fuses together multiple vertebrae. It […]

Prevention and Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries

Prevention and treatment of spinal cord injuries at the scene and in follow up medical care can make a huge difference in the level of injury and the long-term effects on the victim.  A spinal or neck injury can be especially serious as the trauma affects the entire lifestyle of the individual in question. Although […]

Paraplegia and Lawsuits

Paralysis as the result of an injury is a severe blow to any family, especially if it is caused while swimming, or as a passenger in a car minding their own business. Loved ones afflicted by this condition are often taxed beyond their existing resources. Their finances, emotions, and time all seem to be insufficient […]

Neck Injury Legal Information

The neck is a vital crux of the body. Any injuries to this area tend to be severe and can impede many functions of the body. Whether the injury affects blood flow, the spine, the trachea, causes whiplash, or other issues there is often need for immediate medical attention. Such ailments of the neck often […]

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